Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Monday 14th October

I have badminton and Irish dancing tonight. I have music on Wednesday. Ca. W.

On Saturday it was my Grandad's birthday. We went to a golf course. The food was amazing . On Sunday I went to the Clare trials for badminton. Afterwards I went to Sports World to get gumshields. Today I am going to Badminton . E.D.

On Friday I had set dancing. On Saturday I went to a match in Bodyke, Whitegate vs Bodyke. Yesterday my neighbour, my neighbour's dad, Ronan and I went on a walk. We climbed down a really steep hill and climbed up a waterfall. Then we went home and I had a shower and I went to bed. Tonight I have badminton. Tomorrow I have Irish dancing. M.B.

On Saturday I had rugby training. On Sunday I had a rugby match and I was playing scrum half. Today I have badminton in the Mountshannon hall. Tomorrow I might be going to Ireland vs Kazakhstan in the Aviva stadium. Cn.W.

On Saturday I went to a camogie match at which Whitegate played Bodyke. I saw Ronan Bugler and Luke Nolan at the match. Afterwards I went to Ronan's house then when my dad came Ronan came to my house. I went to the Trad session on Sunday.T.B.

On Saturday I went to a camogie match at which Whitegate played Bodyke. I made a jump called a Hitler Jump. After the match Ted came to my house then Ted's dad came and then I went to Ted's house.

On Sunday my neighbour gave me and Mark some Yu gi oh cards. Later that day I went on a hike to a waterfall. R.B.

On Friday my cousin Evan fell off the horse and landed in a ditch and my uncle Anthony fell off the horse and landed in the Shannon . Emma had an under 13 match in Bodyke and lost by 3 points. My cousin Evan had an under 15c match on Saturday in Killaloe and won 6.22 to 0.01. Ea.O.G.

I stayed at home all weekend. L.M

The weather today is very cloudy and a bit cold. F.A.C.

On Friday my uncle came home from USA! On Saturday I played a match. On Sunday I went to Aldi. A.H.

On Friday Amy's tooth fell out. I was sleeping at my granny's house on Saturday. I went to Holy Island yesterday. My Mum is coming home tomorrow. Yesterday I was helping my grandad clean the boat. L.McD.

On Friday I started hitting the sliothar a different way. On Saturday I went to the Whitegate vs Bodyke match. Whitegate lost by three points. On Sunday I went to my sisters rugby match and we went to the Crescent Shopping Centre. I bought a metal Ferrari to put together. L.N.

On Friday I got my hair cut. On Saturday I had Clare training. Afterwards my Mam and I went to Elvery's to get my badminton racket and gumshields. Yesterday I got stung by a wasp. R.D.

Yesterday I was tidying my sisters bedroom. Before that we all tided the playroom, it was not fun. U.H.

Tonight I have badminton. W.K.

On Saturday I had a match against Bodyke, we lost by 3 points. I went home with Clodagh. On Sunday I went for a cycle in the woods with my mam, my dad, my sister and my brother. Em.O.G.

I am going to badminton under 11s tonight. Barry spray painted my hair. Tomorrow I am going to the soccer match between Ireland and Kazakhstan. A.G.

I went to set dancing on Friday. On Saturday it was my grandad's party and the food was delicious. Yesterday it was my cousin's birthday. Today I have Irish dancing. C.D.

Yesterday Alannah ,Ultan , my dad and I tidied our house. O.H.

I went to Wood park yesterday. I have tin whistle on Thursday. S.M.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Wednesday 28th February 2013

Oscar is coming up to my house today. L M Yesterday we bought two calves. One is called Molly and the other is called Beth. We put them into the shed for now. We are buying a chicken coop for our hens. A M Badminton is cancelled tonight. RK sports and music are coming today. L S Last night I had Irish dancing. It was fun. A M Today is Wednesday. We are doing PE with Rody today. We are doing painting for St. Patrick's day as well. I went to speech and drama last night. N B I saw the president on Friday last week and I shook his hand. It was a very enjoyable experience. O B It is my brothers birthday tomorrow. I nearly forgot. A M Last night I went to handball and I am going again tonight. Next Friday evening I am playing in Broadford in Limerick. It is the Munster final handball for the Clare team. I am playing against Kerry. A N I had music yesterday with Seamus and the camera from the stables was on and his cow was having a calf but we went on playing. But then the calf was half out so we went to the stable and I saw a cow giving birth to a calf. C D I am going to a pantomime on Saturday and I am helping my aunt in the shop. The play is called Beauty and the Beast. I am going to handball tonight. G H We are doing RK sports today and then we are getting our float ready. L O' M Today I am going for dinner to Noreen's house and then I am going to fiddle. S W I have music this evening. D S I went to Irish dancing last night, C K

Monday 25th February 2013

I went to cub scouts foot-drill on Sunday in Ennis. One hundred and twenty two scouts competed. We came second and it was our first year competing in it and we got trophies. L O' M I went to Jack's birthday on Friday and I helped to mind my cousins. I gave Jack a teddy bear that I knitted and he liked it. S W On Friday I went to Tao Kwon Do. On Saturday I went to Shannon for a futsol blitz for the U12 boys. We played two matches each, I played striker in the first match and I scored three goals. In the second match I played keeper. Yesterday I played in the Munster semi-final handball. I played Tipperary and she was a great player. I beat her 15-14 15-2. I am playing the Munster final Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday I am going to Thomand park to a rugby match. Munster vs Osperys. A N Yesterday I went to the point to point races in Killaloe. I went in the horse lorry. We brought five horses. The horses were not racing but they were being schooled. C D I went shopping in Limerick on Saturday. I went with my mum and Jessica came with me. We went shopping for my Confirmation. I didn't get anything for my Confirmation but I got jeans and shorts. Afterwards we went to KFC. C K On Saturday we went shopping in the Crescent in Limerick. I went to help Cieara get a Confirmation outfit but instead I ended up getting a skirt and dress. After that we went to KFC. J A I went to Limerick on Saturday and I got a pair of adidas running shoes. We went to Supermac's. D H On Friday I went to the cubs. On Sunday 24th I went to Ennis for a foot-drill treasure hunt and other activities. There were 177 cubs there and 122 competed in the first drill. We got second place and won a trophy. E K I went to Barry's house on Saturday for a few hours. We played soccer. Yesterday Clare lost to Waterford in hurling. The score was 3-15 to 1-17. They lost by a point. R H I was sick last week and my granny broke her foot falling down the stairs. I won five euros on Sunday in a game of hide and seek. L M Yesterday I slipped and banged my knee against the floor. It's bruised in three places so I can't do cross country. A M Today is Friday. Yesterday I went to Ted's birthday party. We played ball tag. It was good fun. N B On Saturday I stayed the night at Sam's house. We played on the trampoline and we played soccer. Sam and I also played Xbox live, its just like playing an Xbox online against other people. It was a lovely Sunday. Ireland were playing Scotland on Sunday, the final score was 6-12 to Scotland. L S On Sunday I went to mass in Mountshannon from 7 to 7.30pm. Yesterday was my brother's birthday. He is 20 years old. We had a cake. On Saturday my aunt came from Tulla. A M I went to my granny's house yesterday and I got an icecream. I walked to school this morning. G H

Monday, 25 February 2013

Friday 22nd February 2013

I have cubs today. On Sunday I have a foot drill with the cubs. Today we planted seeds on tissue paper and plates. E K Shane Lowry from Co Offaly knocked out No. 1 Rory McElroy in the Accenture match played last night. Every one was astonished that the world no. 1 was knocked out. My dad and I went golfing in Portumna yesterday. I made pancakes yesterday. R H My brother is having his birthday party on Sunday. A M Liverpool beat Zenit but they were knocked out of the Euro league because there had to be four goals. The score was 3-1 sadly. A M Last night I went to handball. I stayed till eight thirty playing a match. Tonight I am going to Tao Kwon Do. Liverpool played Zenit last night in the second leg. Liverpool won 3-1 but they are unfortunately out of the European league. A N I got a new badminton racket. It is a very good one and I got my other racket strung. DH I am going home early today with my dad to see the president in Scariff. O B I am going Confirmation shopping tomorrow. I am sewing a teddy bear for my cousin. C K I went horse riding yesterday and got a saddle for my horse. L O' M I am going to Killaloe to the point to point races. My dad's horses are running. Their names are Simply Red and lady Nicandy. C D I am going to Jack's birthday party today and I can't wait. I am sewing and stuffing a teddy for him. S W Today we planted mustard seeds. They will grow soon. Tomorrow Chantel and Aine are going swimming. J A I got a tuner for my banjo. My granny got it for me and I really like it. G H Today we sowed mustard seeds on tissue paper. A M Yesterday after school I went to Aidan's party. We went to Clare Leisure World in Ennis. We played in the tumble tots and towers and quazar. There is a new updated quazar with different guns. In the first round I came first and in the second round I also came first. Then in the third round I came second. They would name you and I was called Delta. Liverpool were playing Zenit , they lost 3-1 but on aggregato Liverpool lost because Zenit won an away goals. L S

Wednesday 20th February 2013

Last night I watched Arsenal play Bayern Munich in Emirates stadium. Tomas Muller scored in the first seven minutes for Munich. Kraos then scored for Munich again twenty one minutes in. After fifty five minutes in Podolski scored for Arsenal. Then seventy seven minutes in another goal by Munich. The final score was 3-1 to Bayern Munich. On Sunday I am playing Tipperary in the handball semi-final. A N Today is Wednesday. Yesterday I went to speech and drama. I am doing a drama exam in April. Keith and Rody are doing P.E. with us. I have badminton tonight from 6-7pm. N B I am going to Jack's birthday on Friday. I am knitting him a teddy bear and I am almost done.S W Today Miss Holland came back after having a baby. J A I had music last night at Seamus Bulgers house. In the kitchen he had a t.v and on it he had a camera in his stables because his cows were calving. He was making sure they were OK. I have handball and badminton tonight. C D On Sunday I went down to my cousin's house and we drove around in a quad. It was fun. AM Yesterday I was working on my mini golf course in my dad's garage. I made a golf shop yesterday. I have badminton tonight from 7-pm. I watched Arsenal versus Bayern Munich in the Eminates stadium in London. The score was 3-1 to Bayern Munich. R H It was my mam's birthday yesterday and we went to Portumna for dinner. We had cake too. DH I am going to handball today and badminton. Miss Holland is back today. My birthday is in twenty days. G H Miss Holland came back today. The weather this week has been very sunny and warm. C K I have music class with Cliodhna Donnellan. D S Yesterday evening I watched Arsenal against Munich. Arsenal were playing at home. Kroos scored the first goal at seven minutes in for Munich. Then another for Munich by Thomas Muller. At half time the score was 2-0 to Munich. Ten minutes into the second half Arsenal got one back with a mistake by Neuer so Podolski headed the ball into the net. Arsenal were dominating possession in Munich's half. Then in the seventy seventh minute Munich scored another goal. The final score was 3-1 to Munich. L S

Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday 18th February 2013

On Friday I went to my uncle's 40th birthday party. C K On Saturday I played in a badminton tournament. I played singles and doubles and mixed doubles. In doubles my partner Susan and I came second. In mixed doubles I played with Barry. The score in the semi final was close but Barry and I got into the final. We won, the final score was 30-15. I won a second place medal for doubles and a first place trophy for mixed doubles. It was very enjoyable. N B I went to my dads house on Thursday and slept over till Friday. I met Lee on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I played a bit with Minecraft. O B On Saturday my brother had to go to a badminton tournament. I had to go too but afterwards I got a bar and loads of sweets. I did nothing else after that. A M Miss Holland is coming back on Wednesday. On Friday a fragment of a meteor hit Russia and there was a sonic boom. People think it's faster than the speed of sound. Thankfully nobody died but thousands of people got hurt, mostly by flying glass. Scientists think that the meteor was the biggest one that got so close to earth. On Wednesday I went to Laoise's house. E K On Wednesday i went to Tao Kwan Do. On Thursday I went to handball, then Nicola came over to my house. On Friday it was my Granny's 80th birthday party in Birr. After mass in her house they all went to her pub on Connaught for a party. On Saturday morning I went to Limerick for the Clare team Munster quarter finals. I played a girl from Limerick and I beat her 15-5 15-8. I am in the semi-final next Saturday against Tipperary. All the Clare players won their matches. In six weeks we are in the Munster community games championships. I am going to handball tonight. A N On Friday I went golfing in Ennis golf club. I won my match, east Clare won on a score line of 5-3. On Saturday I went to Cratloe to play badminton. I got to the semi-final but I lost to a guy from Clonlara. Yesterday I played a game of golf in east Clare golf club for fun. Miss Holland is coming back to school on Wednesday after having a baby. My cousin's christening was on Saturday but unfortunately i had to go to badminton. R H On Friday 15th February a meteor passed through Russia. It was huge. There was a sonic boom and lots of windows broke and a lot of people were injured. I went to Limerick on Saturday to get my sister's glasses because she is short sighted. A M Last Saturday I went to Doora Barefield to play U11's badminton competition. I am in division 1. In singles I lost the final. My opponent was very good. Then I played boys doubles with Barry. He normally plays in division 2 but we could bring him up for this. We got to the final and lost. Then I played mixed doubles with Grace. Unfortunately we got knocked out in the semi-final. L S On Saturday I helped Mary babysit Jack and Sophia because Aisling went to get her hair cut. After that I went to the cinema with my dad and his girlfriend and my sister. We watched Wreck it Ralph. We had to bring Josh to playschool this morning. S W

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wednesday February 6th 2013

Yesterday it snowed. I ran out excitedly. I started making a snowman. It was a mini snowman because I had to go to school. On our way it started snowing again. I couldn't wait to get to school. When I got there I ran out the front. Every one was making snowmen and throwing snowballs. At lunch we were not allowed to play in the snow. When we were all going home the snow had melted, only small lumps here and there but there will be snow next year. N B It snowed yesterday and I played in it. The quiz was on Monday and we did ok but we had lots of fun. O B It snowed yesterday so I made a snowman. I went to my friends house on Saturday for a sleep over. A M Yesterday my family and I had a snowball fight, it was bitterly cold and really fun. When I went to school somebody made a snowman. Yesterday I started knitting a teddy bear. It is green, pink and purple. On the 16th I have a badminton tournament and tonight we have training. Yesterday it was snowing and we made a snowman at school. A M On February 4th we had the credit union quiz. Aoife, Oscar and Ronan were on my team. It snowed yesterday and it was unusual as it barely ever snows and every one here had a snowball fight. L O' M On Sunday I went to the Munster handball championships in Tralee. I beat Limerick in the final and I am going to the All Ireland in March. It will take place in Co Cavan in Kingscourt. We had a rugby blitz on Sunday but I missed it. Ireland played Wales in the opening of the six nations. They beat them 30-22. Ireland are playing Poland tonight in a friendly match. A N At the weekend Ireland played Wales. At one point Ireland were beating them 30-3. The final score was 30-22 to Ireland. Next weekend Ireland will be playing England. Today RK sports are on from 2pm to 3pm. The credit union quiz was on February 4th. I was on the U11 team and we came 6th. L S I went to my cousins house in Whitegate yesterday. We had a snowball fight with their dad. I went to the quiz on Monday night. Ireland beat Wales in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. It was a nail biting match. R H Today is Wednesday February 6th. The credit union quiz was on Monday night 4th February. Sadly Mountshannon didn't win anything. I was on U13 team with Allanah, Cieara and Elena. We had stormy weather over the weekend. Our Confirmation enrolement mass was on Sunday February 3rd. We had a bit of snow yesterday and I made a really big snowman but he fell as I knocked him over by accident. A M